6-month visa becomes invalid in this case

6-month visa becomes invalid in this case

A six-month temporary visa granted to job-seekers under the ongoing visa amnesty scheme becomes invalid once the visa holder leaves the UAE, the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality (FAIC) has said.

This visa does not offer the rights and privileges provided to those with residence visas. The clarification comes after a local newspaper reported last week that temporary visa holders could exit and return to the UAE during its six-month validity period. An FAIC official clarified that the visa is not a multiple entry one.

This category of visa, which costs Dh600, is offered to amnesty seekers who have cleared all pending fines.

Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashid, director of residence affairs at the FAIC, said it is offered to those who wish to stay on in the country after availing of the amnesty and look for a job. "But if they don't find a job within that period, they will have to leave the country and return on a visit visa. The temporary visa cannot be renewed after it expires."

Temporary visa holders also cannot do any kind of work. "He/she has to secure a job and then get an employment visa before he/she can work."

Officials have urged all people still living illegally in the country to avail of the remaining days of the amnesty initiative, which ends on November 30.

Temporary visa holders cannot:

>Exit country and return on the same visa

>Renew the temporary visa