Good news .. Cancel traffic violations on drivers

Cancel traffic violations on drivers

The General Directorate of Dubai Police has launched the first ever initiative to abolish road traffic violations, starting with 25% of drivers committed for three months, until they are completely abolished for those who do not commit traffic violations for one year.

The General Commander of Dubai Police, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, said during a press conference that the initiative to resolve traffic violations is launched on the occasion of the Year of Tolerance, in order to promote a culture of commitment and strengthen partnership with members of society and reduce the traffic accident index.

He explained that the system of settlement of traffic violations entered into force yesterday, and will show results after three months, deducting 25% of the total violations of the previous driver if he did not commit any traffic violations during the three months.

He added that if he committed for six months, that is, until August, he gets a 50% discount on the total of his violations, even those committed before the implementation of the initiative.

If he commits himself for nine months, in November, he will receive a 75% discount on the previous violations. If he commits himself for a year, all the violations will be canceled. But will analyze its results regularly, and if they reflect on the traffic accident index you will see that it can continue after the end of the first year.