The United Arab Emirates has granted foreign offenders a golden opportunity to facilitate them - a six-month stay in search of work or termination of departure arrangements. This stay is free from the sponsorship system for further facilitation, but the identity and nationality agency unveiled new decisions on the residence. Specifically. The Director General for Aliens Affairs and Executives at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al-Rashdi, explained that the six-month stay for those who want to seek work within the country, as part of the "Protect Yourself by Modifying Your Status" initiative, is not renewable for another period.


Al-Rashedi told Emirates Al-Youm that this residence is granted only once, to amend the status of the violators, and give them the opportunity to look for work and transfer their residence legally to a work party, in implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers in this regard, During which an offender can obtain a job, he must leave the country voluntarily and come back with a new entry permit.

He stressed that all the residents of the country can apply to change their status and obtain a six-month stay that is not conditional upon the existence of a sponsor during the period of the initiative until October 31, explaining that this residence does not enable them to work in any establishment. Whether in the normal market or the virtual market, and then modify their status and make a new stay on the company.


The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality has set five steps for the violator to obtain six months in the state. First, he must apply to one of the service centers at the state level for exemption from fines. Second, registration in the "virtual labor market" system of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, an electronic system that allows job seekers, employers and employment agencies to interact with each other under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and the conclusion of employment and employment contracts. Thirdly, the medical examination and access to medical fitness. Fourth, review the centers of the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality again to obtain a six-month residence on the same person. Fifthly, the search for work during the six months, the establishment of a new residence and the transfer of sponsorship legally to a company, whether through the virtual market or the sponsor that the person wishes to work for.

Al-Rashidi called on all violators to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the initiative and to quickly review the centers set by the Authority for this purpose to benefit from the facilities provided by the initiative. He pointed out that any violator who settles his status will be able to return to the country with a new visa It is without impediments.


He said that the initiative allows for the payment of escape from the sponsor who is included in the right of the violator, allowing him to leave without the deprivation stamp, and also allowing persons who have been able to enter the country without the official ports to leave the country and denied entry for two years, Modification of their status without fines and symbolic fees.


He added that the launch of the initiative comes within the framework of the directives of the UAE leadership to ensure the happiness of all those who live in the UAE and in light of the government's keenness to resolve the situation of violators by enabling them to avoid the legal consequences of their violations. This precious opportunity to leave the country voluntarily without any legal consequences, fees or fines, or to modify his status to enjoy living legally on the land of the UAE, and benefit from the services provided by the State.


The Indian Embassy provides buses to its violators

The Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi will provide buses to transport its nationals to the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality in Al Shahamah starting today, the Ambassador of the Republic of India to the State Nafdeb Singh Suri said. The embassy will contribute to the provision of meals and drinking water in the center, For Indian job seekers seeking to stay in the country legally with major Indian companies.


He explained that the embassy addressed Indian airlines to provide discounts on travel tickets to help members of the community who are unable to return to India, stressing that the embassy continues to provide free tickets and exemption from fees for emergencies.


He said that the number of Indians violating the state level is few compared to other nationalities.


He said that the embassy has made almost daily visits to the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality. He explained that so far the embassy has issued about 566 emergency travel documents. It has helped about 483 cases related to criminal and judicial cases, while last year the embassy issued about 176 emergency travel documents and helped about 735 cases.


Documents required


The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality reported that the documents required to benefit from the "protect yourself by changing your status" initiative are: Passport and the common number if the violator has a previous visa or residence permit, as well as proof of a new sponsor and a health certificate for those wishing to change their status Transfer their residence or obtain new residence and a travel ticket to their countries for those wishing to leave.


While violators who do not have identification papers should review their embassies to extract the required documents that will enable them to take advantage of this opportunity.