Kuwait warns citizens and expatriates .. Stand in these places a crime

Stand in these places a crime

The violation of standing in places designated for the disabled has been transformed from a traffic violation to a misdemeanor, which is concerned with the administration of special offenses in the General Directorate of Investigations, and is referred to the prosecution after the agreement between the Traffic and Investigation Departments on the validity of the "investigations" Disabled Persons No. 8/2010, where the traffic sector began to refer hundreds of files to the General Directorate of Investigation.

Sources said that the traffic sector stopped the consideration of this type of violations (stand the place of the disabled) for lack of jurisdiction, and was agreed between the traffic sector and the Department of Investigation that the latter is responsible for the follow-up of these cases, which is a misdemeanor worthy of investigation in the administration of misdemeanors and special referral to the courts, According to the articles that referred to the competence of the General Directorate of Investigation, and the judiciary of this type of violation, which provided for a judicial penalty according to the law of a fine of 100 dinars and imprisonment for a month or one of these penalties.