Urgent.. A Bahraini citizen arrested for killing Asians

A Bahraini citizen arrested for killing Asians

The first major criminal court decided to postpone the case of a young Bahraini who managed to steal only 41 dinars, the death of an Asian man with an iron hammer and attempt to kill a third in his car, to January 15 for psychiatric treatment.

In his confessions to the prosecutor's office, the defendant decided that he lived in a house in Jabla Habashi with his mother and brothers. His father had been dead since 2000. He had worked in more than one job before being separated from her. Then he decided to steal Asians. In February 2018, on a seaboard in the Karababad region. He went to an Asian worker collecting garbage on the coast and asked him for his identity card. When he took out the wallet, he pulled it out and fled in his car and found 16 dinars inside.