Urgent.. A Jordanian kills his child in a shocking way

A Jordanian kills his child in a shocking way

police have arrested a Jordanian man who admitted to killing his one-year-old baby by pushing his vehicle into the waters of the Gulf of Thailand, the head of the country's immigration authority said Tuesday.


The murder took place in the coastal city of Pattaya, where Jordanian Wael Nabil Salman Zreikat, 52, was on vacation with his wife and their one-year-old child.


The man was arrested after fishermen found the body of the baby in the port of Pattaya on Monday.


"The defendant admitted last night that he tied his son in the stroller and drove her to the sea," the head of the immigration authority, Major Surakhati Hakabarn, told a press conference Tuesday.


The couple arrived at the hotel in Thailand on March 6. The father then took the baby two days later and told the wife he had been entrusted to others. The wife filed a complaint with the authorities, which resulted in the arrest of Zureiqat.


"The father said he was unable to raise the child and he did not want children," Surakhati said. "This is a tragic story."


The accused will be tried under section 289 of the Thai Criminal Code for the deliberate murder of a child. In the event of conviction, the penalty for such action is death.