Urgent.. An expatriate tries to kidnap a Filipina and kill her child

An expatriate tries to kidnap a Filipina and kill her child

A Filipino woman was questioned by the Interior Ministry after a kidnapping attempt in the Salmiya area by an Egyptian expatriate with whom she had an illegal relationship, a security source said.


A security source said that the internal operations room received a message from a Filipino expatriate asking for help because of an attempted abduction. The patrols went to the place mentioned in the Salmiya area where the hijacker was seen in a four-wheeled vehicle driven by a man who later turned out to be an Egyptian. And rid it of it.


The security source pointed out that as a result of the search it was found that the relationship was illegal and that they had carried him a murderer and put her child a few days ago, pointing out that, faced with the man confessed and acknowledged that he gave birth to his friend, an Egyptian also.


The friend of the hijacker was caught and the investigation revealed that the friend had already handed over the child after an agreement between the two men to get rid of him by killing him. He confessed that they had executed their agreement and threw the baby in one of the sites.