URGENT.. Four luxury vehicles crash in Dubai because of woman

Four luxury vehicles crash in Dubai because of woman

An Arab woman was injured in a luxury vehicle accident in the Boulevard area as her car slammed into a parked vehicle in the Boulevard area. Two other vehicles, the first Porsche, two Mercedes and the last Bentley, collided.


The Dubai police recorded another incident that occurred this afternoon when a vehicle driven by an unmanned driver suddenly had to step into his vehicle with an iron barrier separating the two directions and settling strangely in the middle.


And about what is trading about the preoccupation of the vehicle driver to talk in a mobile phone when he lost control of the vehicle, he said Director of Information Security, Dubai Police, Colonel Faisal Issa Qassem, said he did not prove preoccupation with the driver's phone, according to the initial preview simple accident, which caused no injuries but there are still signs of failure The driver's attention before the accident is not to react at all or to behave improperly as a result of an emergency while driving.


He stressed that the concern with the mobile phone has become one of the most serious traffic violations, especially in light of the obsession of many social networking sites, as recently recorded fatal incidents indicate that the perpetrators did not take any reaction before the collision, indicating that they were busy completely off the road, Blindness or close the eyes while driving.


It is noteworthy that the concern without the road caused 438 accidents, which resulted in the death of 59 people, and injured 495 others, during the past year at the level of the state, while traffic departments recorded 323 thousand and 102 violations of non-road busy during the past three years.