Urgent .. Good news for the employees of the state and increasing salaries for these categories

Good news for the employees of the state and increasing salaries for these categories

The decision to increase the number of workers in the field of supporting educational services, which includes social and psychological service, libraries, educational techniques and educational activities, has become an acknowledgment.

Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Hamid Al-Azmi provided the parliamentary education committee with a schedule of financial increases for supporting educational jobs by 25 to 30 percent, in addition to the members of the educational body.

According to the minister's memorandum, the proposed financial increase is for a major social and psychological specialist, a major specialist in libraries, a senior specialist in technology and a top educational specialist of 400 dinars, a social and psychological specialist for 350 dinars and 300 dinars for social, psychological and educational specialists. He suggested to a social, psychological and educational researcher, , A social and psychological inquiry and a librarian who gave them 200 dinars, social and psychological research and a novice library secretary 150 dinars.

It is noteworthy that the number of employees in the educational posts support technically graduated 5422, including Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis, and the number of workers in educational jobs support non-graduated 1549.

 For his part, the Rapporteur of the Education Committee MP Dr. Mohammed Al-Huwailah, the Committee's determination to take all the measures that are paid to develop the educational process in Kuwait.

Al-Huwaila said in a press statement that the Committee held its seventh meeting yesterday, in the presence of leaders from the Ministry of Education and some other trade unions and civil and supporting bodies working in the ministries of education.

He explained that the committee discussed with the meeting the development of their demands to improve their educational situation. They have the right to adopt a law that achieves stability and job satisfaction, stimulates national capacities, prevents leakage and provides the right environment for work through appropriate legislation.

He pointed out that there is extensive discussion on how to provide and apply this environmental climate, «and asked the concerned authorities to provide us with proposals on financial allowances and proposals by the maximum Thursday, until the representatives of the Ministries of Education and Finance and related bodies».

"We are in the Council to support these demands, and these proposals will be discussed soon," Al-Huwailah said. "I thank all those who attended and provided the Committee with valuable and important information and promised that their proposal would be finalized on Thursday."

He stressed that the Committee is determined to take all measures that are paid to develop the work of educational institutions in the public and private sectors.

The Education Committee held its meeting yesterday to discuss a number of proposals related to the supporting educational posts in the Ministry of Education. The committee discussed the demands related to improving the status of the functional and financial staff. The committee agrees with them to pass a law that provides them with job stability. The legislation provides them with job security.

The committee called on the representatives of these groups to provide them with a complete and comprehensive view of the proposals required by these financial allowances, to be handed over to the committee by Thursday, until the next meeting of the committee.

The committee stressed that it will intensify its meetings until the adoption of the law of educational professions supporting teachers to perform their duties.

In the same context, the head of the parliamentary education committee, MP Awdah al-Rowaie and members of the committee, met with the head of the union of workers at the Ministry of Education Saleh al-Azmi to discuss the demands proposed by the union of workers in "Education" to include the proposal to increase the incentives and allowances presented by the Ministry of Education to the Civil Service Bureau.

The union president said in a press statement that the union approved the proposal submitted by the Ministry of Education to the Civil Service Bureau, but there are some claims submitted by the union for inclusion in the proposal of the ministry, and presented to the educational committee yesterday.

Al-Azmi revealed that the proposals put forward by the union include the integration of students' affairs with the proposal of the new increase, and the amendment of the master's degree from 75 to 200 dinars