Since the start of the "protect yourself, change your situation" campaign on August 1, embassies of Asian countries have witnessed a great number of their nationals in search of their lost passports, many years after they violated the law of residence in the state, hoping to find them. They can benefit from the time limit for adjusting the residency status. At the same time, the state courts have been overcrowded by those who have lost their passports to obtain legal permits enabling them to issue passports instead of missing.

At the same time, the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality called for this category to review the centers of the violators first. The law and the supply of domestic workers attributed the problem of the lost passports to the negligence of the passport holders who violated the residency law and did not seek to settle their cases or maintain their passports for many years .

The embassies of Asian countries in Abu Dhabi issued a large number of emergency travel documents to help their citizens who lost their passports to take advantage of the deadline for violators, and some posted on the Internet a list of the names of holders of passports available from their sponsors during the past years.

According to the procedures in place in the country, the fugitive's sponsor hand over his passport to the Naturalization and Residency Administration, which in turn hands it over to the embassy representative until it is settled.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality confirmed that the sponsor's retention of the fugitive's passport is illegal and he must hand it over to the competent authorities, explaining that the journey of the violator who does not have a travel document and wants to benefit from the initiative «Protect yourself .. by adjusting your situation», The reception of the violators, set by the Commission at the state level, where it is registered and issued a book on which it can review the embassy of his country, to issue a temporary travel document and then to review the status of the Commission again to obtain permission to leave, so that he can return home without any obstacles.

Ahmed Taher, director of Al Qabas Labor Supply Office, said that the procedure followed in the event of the employee escaping to his country's embassy is the embassy's contact with the concerned party. The sponsor will be notified of the attendance, the employee's passport will be handed over, The worker shall inform the concerned authorities, circulate to the fugitive, and hand over his passport to the concerned authorities, which in turn shall hand him over to the embassy of the country to which the worker belongs.

He pointed out that some sponsors may be unaware of the procedures followed in the event of flight of the worker, and do not inform the concerned authorities, stressing that all labor supply offices immediately hand over the passports of domestic workers to their sponsors, immediately after contracting them. In some cases, If the sponsor does not pay all the prescribed financial fees. Tahir stressed the importance of the deadline to amend the situation of the violators in terms of humanitarian, security and health, calling for tougher penalties for the aid workers fleeing, after the deadline, and the introduction of deterrent penalties to reduce the escape of servants to preserve the rights of labor supply offices and sponsors, as there are some servants deliberately escape immediately To get a higher salary or a desire to get another job, causing the owners of the offices financial losses.

In turn, the lawyer Ali al-Abadi, the legal responsibility that rests on the fugitive from his sponsor, without justifiable reasons, but his desire to get another job with a higher salary, pointing out that the worker bears the consequences of losing his passport in the first place, if left for many years without Seek it, adjust its status or leave the state.

He pointed out that the Federal Courts of First Instance have witnessed, over the past few days, the beginning of the deadline for the amendment of the situation of the violators of the most severe violations of violators of all nationalities to complete the procedures for obtaining alternative passports, explaining that the procedures begin to inform and publicize the loss of passport, To obtain a permit or permit, and then to check with the embassy of his country for the issuance of a passport instead of a lost or travel document enabling him to return home.

He pointed out that there are common cases between the worker and the sponsor in the loss of passports, including the escape of the worker himself, the loss of passport in the environment of housing or work, and other things, noting that the procedures for issuing a new travel document vary from embassy to another, according to procedures Followed.

Avoid complicating transactions

Officials of the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality met with representatives of embassies and diplomatic missions accredited to the State. The Commission called on the Commission to facilitate procedures for violators of nationals of their countries and to expedite the completion of their transactions and avoid complicating them so that they can benefit from the initiative aimed mainly at taking account of their circumstances and alleviating them. And to benefit from the services provided by the State to its citizens and residents on its territory.

The Commission stressed the importance of cooperating with it in the implementation of the initiative «Protect yourself in adjusting your situation», launched on August 1, and continues until the end of October, which aims to amend the status of violators of the law of entry and residence of foreigners in the State, by exempting them from fines and legal consequences that resulted As a result of the violation, and enable them to modify their situation or leave the state with ease and ease.

She stressed that the main objective of the initiative was to resolve the problem of every person, whether resident, visitor or stumbling family, regardless of nationality, by lifting the burden of the fine from his or her family, relieving him of legal punishment and allowing him to seek work or leave, , Without any impediments, consequences or deprivation.

And appealed to all embassies concerned to communicate with nationals of their countries, who live on the land of the UAE,And stressing the violators of the need to be careful to take advantage of this precious opportunity, and explain the objectives and features that it offers them, and urged them to cooperate fully with the efforts of the Commission to adjust their situation and serve them optimally.