Urgent.. New salary policy for private sector announced

he Human Resources Development Fund will provide 30 per cent of the salaries of male and female

The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF ) in Saudi Arabia will provide 30 per cent of the salaries of male and female Saudis working in private sector establishments in the first year in order to stimulate localization, raising the participation of male and female citizens in the labour market and provide them with skills needed.

HRDF approved program support controls by directing 70 per cent of support for employment and 30 per cent for training support, the period of financial support for the employee's salary extends for 36 months, at a rate of 30 per cent of the monthly salary for the first year of support, 20 per cent for the second year, and 10 per cent for the third year, an additional percentage of support will be added when the establishment employs females or persons with disabilities, employs in small towns and villages, and if the size of the establishment is 50 workers or less.

The program also targets the two categories of jobs available in private sector establishments, namely male and female job seekers, who have not worked for more than 90 days and newly graduates.