Urgent: Paying bonuses to eligible employees

Paying bonuses to eligible employees

Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs Hanaa Al-Hajri said that "the ministry is committed to the rules and circulars of the Civil Service Bureau regarding the disbursement of excellent business rewards to eligible employees for the current fiscal year." The ministry has not yet carried out the evaluation forms, The exchange process will be delayed, and will be withdrawn in the coming days after completion of coordination with the Civil Service Bureau, to complete the annual assessments of employees ».

In a press statement yesterday, Al-Hajri said that the ministry is committed to the decision of the Civil Service Bureau issued on the rules and foundations of the Civil Service Bureau. Employee performance evaluation procedures and dates, which set 70 percent for the ministry on the basis of performance, and 30 percent for the bureau on the basis of proof of attendance and fingerprinting, "revealing that" the forms for staff assessment will be withdrawn soon. "

For her part, Assistant Undersecretary for Welfare Affairs Shaikha Al-Adwani said, "The minister of affairs and the council of agents are keen to protect the rights of employees." She pointed out that "until the last meeting of the agents' council, the staff assessment forms were not withdrawn in an attempt to find a way out of the decision of the SAI .

Al-Adwani said that "the process of controlling the presence and departure of employees through the fingerprint system has become a reality." She pointed out that "sometimes there may be a defect in the system, but the financial and administrative sector is keen to address all these things, Stressing that «all the leaders and officials of the ministry are keen not to cause any harm to the employee».

She added that «there is a decision from the service bureau on the rules and foundations of the evaluation, and will not be excluded from any employee unless the exception in general from the service bureau and no one, and we in the ministry are committed to apply it as other government agencies, but we try to strike a balance, Employee on the one hand, without violating the decision ».