Urgent warning of traffic to all drivers to stay away from these areas immediately

Urgent warning of traffic to all drivers to stay away from these areas immediately

The traffic expert, Jamal Al Ameri, the traffic expert for traffic accidents, confirmed that there are risks to driving vehicles from the desert road to the public road, pointing out that there are traffic safety standards that desert driving practitioners must adhere to in order to avoid traffic accidents .


He explained to «Emirates Today» that there are three cases of vehicle tires, namely: increased air pressure and natural pressure and lack of tire pressure.


He explained that the lack of tire pressure with the speed of the vehicle on the road affects the safety of the tire, and prevents contact and touch the road and become the frame is hardened, and may endanger the safety of the leader of the vehicle. Most drivers from the hobby of driving vehicles in the desert areas reduce or what (Tire) to conform to driving in desert areas to reduce the weight of the vehicle on the sand. He added that reducing the pressure of the tire tire changes the shape of the frame and becomes (frame concave), which prevents contact with the asphalt naturally, pointing out that the vehicle In this case He said that the driver must not exceed the speed of the road in low-air tires more than 80 kilometers, because the temperature of the asphalt at night different from it In the daytime, drivers who exercise their driving skills in the desert must be driving less on the road than the street, because the condition of the four tires is concave and does not enable them to drive at high speeds.


He noted that a mobile driver from land to the public road with low-air frame, must be listening to the sound of the road so that he can hear the sound of the frame.


Al Ameri pointed to the need for drivers to adhere to traffic safety by reading the road language in the mountainous, desert and highways, and not to increase the load of the vehicle and read the signs in the bridges and tunnels, so as not to sudden accident to the driver of the vehicle.