Warning to all residents until 6 pm tomorrow

Warning to all residents until 6 pm tomorrow

The weather forecast in Bahrain from 6 pm on Saturday to 6 pm on Sunday will be, God willing, partly cloudy sometimes, then turn cloudy this night with a chance of occasional rain, sometimes thunderous at the time, the Meteorological Department of the Ministry of Communications and Communications said. Later tomorrow.

Winds are generally southeasterly from 10 to 15 knots and sometimes reach 18 to 23 knots later on Sunday with donations of up to 35 knots sometimes.


The Meteorological Department warned of thunderstorms and high-speed donations and called for caution.


Wave height from feet to 3 feet near the coasts, and from 3 to 6 feet at sea may reach up to 7 feet during donations.


The maximum temperature is 24 degrees and the minimum is 17 degrees.


The relative humidity is 90% and the minor 45%.


Sunrise at 6:17 am and sunset at 5:27 pm.